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Hi!! My name is Kaitlynn, but my friends call me K Tuck. I am 29 years old and I live in sunny Northern California (Napa Valley!

I love traveling- whether it's somewhere new in my own state, or somewhere across the world. I'm always up for an adventure. Spontaneous adventures have led me to find some of my favorite places and people. I have discovered my love for backpacking, star gazing, sunset watching, and photographing people in love! All of these things inspire me to pursue the others. I like to think that thousands of small moments in life make up the big picture. That's why you'll more often than not catch me stopping to smell some pretty flowers, pointing out a random spot that I think would be an amazing photo-shoot location, sitting quietly observing the view at the end of an intense hike, or popping into a cute little restaurant that I saw while driving by. I have a never-ending list of places that I dream of visiting. Who knows, maybe we will go there for your session! ;) Country music, driving with the windows down, making friends with every dog I see, eating an entire bag of milk chocolate chips, and good conversations are what life's about for me.


My favorite images are the ones that make me FEEL something. These are the images that I live for. I want you to see your images, and feel the same emotions that you felt in the moments that they were taken. I just want to capture your love. Genuine laughs and smiles are my fave.

I can't wait to meet you, and I am excited to create some magic with you!

I have included a few personal images below. Including, my trip to Yosemite, sunset watching on the Amalfi Coast, my puppy and yours truly :)

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